The Accommodation is superb, it is in a typical Spanish 'Casa Rural'  ​for those who have never lodged in this type of accommodation, it’s like a mix of a B&B and a self-catering house.

All rooms have own private bathroom, a TV, heating / air-con, free wifi, there is an open fire in the living room and even a terrace BBQ area. A very basic continental buffet breakfast is also included in the package price.

Prices are based on sharing rooms, however if your fishing buddy ´snores like a trooper´  individual rooms are available for a very small single suppliment.

The ´Casa Rural´ is located close to banks and cafe bars, restaurants are around 5 minutes walk.

A Hotel upgrade with all food included is also available on request - A continental breakfast, picnic for fishing days and 3 course evening meal (menu del dia)

Food & Drink

A basic continental breakfast is included in the accommodation.

Picnics for lunch on the water are available.

Sandwiches are available from local bars or you can prepare your own in the casa rurals fitted kitchen.

Dining out is so cheap here, a 'Menu del dia' consists of a 3 course meal all for around 9 euros including wine or water ( 12- 15 euros for the weekend special)

A wide range of inexpensive Spanish traditional dishes are available off the Menu, as is a huge 'T' bone steak.

For a full board package including a continental breakfast, picnic for fishing days and 3 course evening meal is only available with a Hotel upgrade.

Restaurants typicaly open around 14.00 - 16.00hrs and 21.00 - 23.00 hrs

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The Lakes

ORELLANA - 12016 acre 48.63 km2
Main target species - Black Bass, Pike and Comizo Barbel
Orellana is stuffed with Pike and Black Bass, if they are on the feed (or nest) you won’t stop.
The pike, like all lakes here, grow to specimen size, however its rammed with jacks and plenty of fish to double figures to keep you busy.
Black Bass go into double figures in Orellana, and theres a large head of smaller fish, great fun especially on the surface.
The big Comizo Barbel, nothing more to say except a fish of a life time. It’s not easy to catch one of these legendary fish, but with the right tactics and effort, its possible. We have had Comizo to 37lb on lure, and they go to well over 40lb.
Other species
Carp, Big Channel Cats

GARCIA SOLA  - 8772 acre 35.5 km2
Main target species - Black Bass, Pike and Comizo Barbel
Awesome fishing on this very picturesque lake with its steep cliffs and rocky hills towering over you. Big Bass competitions held on this lake. Depending on your quarry, its normally great fishing on Sola, its renowned for big pike and Black Bass, however you might get a surprise as Big Carp and Barbel show a lot of interest in lures. 
Other species
Carp, Channel Cats and Zander

ZUJAR  - 11179 acre 45 km2
Main species Black Bass Cat fish and Barbel.
This the smallest lake on the area for boat fishing, has a huge head of Barbel and catfish in it. The Black Bass and Pike go huge here, however their numbers are quite sparse.  
Other species
Carp, Channel Cats

LA SERENA - the largest lake in the area at a staggering 140 km2 - 34468 acres.
Main target species - Barbel and Specimen Pike
Fantastic Barbel fishing on lures with fish to around 6lb, they even take surface baits. Lots of hits and great fun on light tackle, but be warned the Barbel go big in here. The up and coming Pike water, Pike have started to show more and more over the last 7 years or so, not the easiest of waters however it produces many 20lb plus Pike, we have had upper 30s and they go a lot bigger.
Other species
Carp, catfish, black bass

CIJARA - 16222 acre 65.65 km2
Main target species - Black Bass, Pike and Barbel
Another awesome picturesque water on its day, it holds a healthy head of good fish, that’s why the major Bass competitions are held on here. Unfortunately, it’s the nearest lake to Madrid and gets pretty busy. 34 boat trailers at the main boat launch during the week, that’s without the many others on the bank an it’s the nearest lake to Madrid and gets pretty busy. 34 boat trailers at the main boat launch during the week, that’s without the many others on the bank and belly boat anglers.
Other species Zander and Carp.

Fishing seasons

Fishing here in Extremadura is seasonal - a basic guide to the seasons is listed below, for further information, please ask.

Due to the very high temperatures here we do not offer our services from mid July through to September. June and July can get very hot and uncomfortable, so we recommend fishing is limited to morning and evening sessions. 
BARBEL Winter season - end October through until March

BLACK BASS Specimen fish winter months, bass very active from Spring through till July and September October.

PIKE Winter months best for pike, our season runs from Mid October through till June. We DO NOT fish OR allow fishing for pike during summer months. 

Orellana is full of Crayfish pots mid May through till September, rendering it difficult to navigate and fish.
Easter week is very busy on the lakes.

Flights and airport transfers are not included in the package price..

The nearest airports to us are Madrid - Malaga - Seville, a return flight can be found for less than £40.00. 

Airport transfers
Car hire is very economical and readily available at all airports or we can organise for you the following means of getting here.

Madrid shuttle service only 75 euros pp return - Available  Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.
Pick up at airport or hotel around Madrid around 10 - 11.00am. Departs village at around 6am - arrives Madrid around 10.00am

Daily transfers to venues
Car hire is generally the most flexible and cheapest mode of getting here, it also simplifies matters in regard to meeting and getting to the lakes every day. Access to the accommodation with a boat in tow is possible, however with venues are only minutes away we find it a lot easier for anglers to follow us to the venue.