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What Freddy Harbort (team Quantum Europe) had to say - I have been working 15 years as a free journalist for fishing magazines and fished many exciting waters in my life. Pike fishing in Extremadura was for a long time on my to do list. Thanks to Craig from ExtremaduraPredatorFishing we found the right man to plan a trip to the Spanish monster pike. Warm friendly weather conditions mid of November, a fantastic Spanish style accommodation, good and cheap food and a friendly service impressed us from the beginning. I met many guides and camp owners in my life. Only a hand of them work as hard as Craig does for their clients. We felt really home from the first day. After 4 days of pike fishing at different 4 lakes, I got a great impression of what is possible. We got plenty of good sized pikes from the very first day. We felt like small boys in Disneyland. Between the pike, huge barble above 20 pounds attacked the lures regularly. Thank you Craig - We are back very soon! I can´t wait to hit the big lakes in Extremadura again.

What an amazing experience.. we travelled to Spain unsure of what to expect, in terms of the landscape, the fishing, and the accommodation. As soon as we arrived we were put at ease by Craig, a clearly very knowledgeable guide, and one of the most accommodating, friendly chaps I’ve met. The first evening he took us out to familiarise ourselves with his no expense-spared little kimple boat, kitted out with high quality fish finding equipment and plenty of storage. After two hours or so afloat we felt nothing but confident in handling the boat, using both the 15hp engine and the trolling motor, as well as the two fish finders, and it meant that we could get straight out in the boat on the massive and beautiful lake Serena the next day without eating into precious fishing time, a really nice touch. The tackle supplied was all of a really high quality, and we were left wanting for nothing. The accommodation surpassed all expectations, with a roof terrace and barbecue, fully fitted kitchen, air conditioning, and a jacuzzi feature on the bath in the room we stayed in, and Craig supplied us with a cool box to ensure our food, and most importantly, water stayed cool in the mid 30 temperatures. By the second day we were completely at home on the boat, and all of the anxiety we had felt about fishing such large bodies of water were completely gone, thanks to Craig. The weather was very hot, which had an impact on the fishing, but we caught barbel and bass, both of the species we came out to catch, and we were told when we booked that it wasn’t the best time of year to target bass, but the experience was incredible. We both left knowing we would be coming back, and took so much away from the whole experience, and are much improved lure anglers as a result of Craig’s help. If you’re daunted by the prospect of handling a boat or fishing such vast lakes, don’t let that put you off, by the end of the first full day of fishing you will feel completely at home. Thank you Craig, we will be back, and we will catch a big bass!

I had a fantastic time with Craig and Extremadura Predatory Fishing. It was not meant for me to catch my first pike on this trip but that is why I'm going back in winter. I would recommend Extremadura Predatory Fishing and Craig to any one that wants to go fishing in Spain. He is an experienced angler, his boat and facilities are brand new, latest tech and in great condition and Craig is just a great guy to fish with. The lakes in Extremadura are in such good condition... I have never seen so much bait fish... which i think makes the fishing tougher😉 Thanks again Craig, till the next time!


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